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David Allan Phoenix Associates

Early Prototype Design for Millenium Schools

Millenium Schools was a UK based enterprise developing and using technology that is mindful of present day WordPress. The software allowed member schools to construct and maintain their own websites.

The prototype built by Phoenix Associates carried on from work that came out of the Apple Global Education Network which ran on Apple's proprietary software, AppleLink.(before the Worldwide Web and the Internet as we know it). The sample is really the work of Student's at Vienna International School and serves to illustrate the immense possibilities for using the technology for Global Education.

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Powdered Eggs and Bacon Bones

An interactive environment designed to showcase the work of UK children in chronicling a living history of children's experiences in Britain during World War 11. It has three categories, Air Raids, Evacuation, and Rationing. UK students collected the information as part of their work on Tesco Schoolnet 2000 (later Schoolnet Global).

The work was done under contract to Intuitive Media. It was aimed at providing a meaningful context for children's work that existed randomly in the SchoolNet archive.

The title comes from David Allan having been a child of the London Blitz himself where a favourite Sunday Breakfast was indeed Powdered Eggs and Bacon Bones.

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Website Concept for Dream Street

Dream Street was a British children's television series that ran on ITV. The show was aimed at children aged from 2 to 7. It featured talking toy vehicles, that came to life in a child's playroom during the night, while the child slept.

The prototype website featuring all the propriety characters including: Magic Time Buddy and Do Right Daisy was developed under contract to Intuitive Media. It utilized art and graphic design provided by the show itself. The intent was to extend the show into the interactive environment of the internet. The prototype is partly functional to illustrate the potential to the client.

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Interactive Colouring Book for the Dream Street Site

Utilizing an interface of interactive building blocks, the Colouring Book is a fully fleshed out aspect of the prototype site. It can stand alone. The illustrations are propriety art from the Dream Street television show.

The pages were designed to be printed on paper for children to colour (addressing small motor development). Each page has both upper and lower case letters and related text for early readers.

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Early Grid Club Idea for the BAFTA Conference

Grid Club grew out of the UK's National Grid For Learning that was produced by the Department for Education and Skills. It began as a collaborative government and private sector effort. Major partners were Channel 4, Oracle, and Intuitive Media.

In the beginning, it ran within Oracle's, which came out of Ultralab. Phoenix was contracted to do a multitude of tasks to support the project. The example here, was done for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Conference in London. Intuitive Media later won a BAFTA award for its work with Grid Club.

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