66th REUNION 2022 -- Tuesday August 9

This picture, like all the local school pictures of the time, was taken by Wilf Gibson of Gibson Studios. It is our Grade Nine class picture taken outside on the Mount Doug School Grounds in the Spring of 1952. I ran across it while rummaging through some old photos and it scanned beautifully, a tribute to the original photograph. I know that there were changes in the group, both additions and subtractions before graduation in 1955. For example, Dean Perry and Chris Gibb(who married Ina Ranson, a class member not in the picture) left to join the Air Force. Still, this is largely the group that arrived at Mount Doug in September 1951, the group that had Mary Francis as their home room teacher.

Roll the mouse cursor over the image and jump ahead 54 years. Then Click on the photo above and a new window will open that contains a much larger clearer version of the 1952 photo without the names. Try it!

June 9, 2007: We have our address book online. Click on the Address Book button under the banner at the top of the page and you will be reconnected with your classmates of 60 years past. The information has been compiled thanks to the efforts of Val Gervais and Don Hamilton. Let me know of any needed corrections. ...Dave