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The New Renaissance Learning Foundation is dedicated to the development of global education and to the provision of safe access to it for all young learners throughout the world. It seeks to support schools and school systems in all nations by providing teachers with avenues for children to work and learn together on a global basis.
To begin to accomplish these ends it is essential to have a vehicle that allows schools everywhere to provide a safe learning environment for their students.

Fortunately, one already exists. SchoolNet Global has been developed by Intuitive Media in the United Kingdom and has been made available in the past free to all UK schools through the support of the UK Department for Skills and Education. SchoolNet Global started life as a very successful Millennium project, Tesco SchoolNet 2000. So, it has been thoroughly tested in the UK for several years.

SchoolNet Global already boasts a curriculum base and a large archive of work. To view a sample of work undertaken by British children, click the image to the right.

To get some idea of the power and the potential of SchoolNet Global to support schools and excite young minds, just click the image below.

This example shows only a glimpse of the endless possibilities that exist to enhance student learning and foster global education within the SchoolNet vehicle. Moreover, it is not a vehicle that remains static. Thanks to the untiring efforts of the folks at Intuitive Media, it is constantly under development.
One example of this is the ongoing effort to develop a working global curriculum that fits well into any national or local curriculum so that teachers can readily incorporate global education into their regular classroom work. To view some current curriculum directions, click the image to the right.
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